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Stephen Scoggins is an award-winning successful multi-million-dollar entrepreneur of multiple businesses, a highly sought after motivational speaker, author of The Journey Principles, and the creator of the proprietary Life Mastery System affectionately known as Transform U to others from stuck to unstoppable in an area of their life and business. 

As a well-respected and sought-after business and life mastery expert, he challenges and motivates people to break through the obstacles that stop them in their life to guide them to be who they are born to be. As a part of that endeavor, Stephen has taken over 43 years of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses, successes, and comebacks and transparently uses them to provide simple yet effective step by step exercises to help anyone become highly successful in their own life. 


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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast and today we’re here with Stephen Scoggins and I’m so excited to have Stephen here today, because he’s one of the guys that I’ve been waiting to have onto our show, because he’s a multiple times, multi-millionaire, which for most people, you know, getting that first million dollars is a big deal but then the real successful people are the ones who can do it again and so Stephen’s done that multiple times with his company and he’s really here to help people go from stuck to unstoppable, which I loved that really like that tagline and so I was excited to have him in to come talk about that. You know, I could go on for days about who Stephen is, this guy’s been featured all over the place, and Forbes and a lot of these big magazines I mean, he’s been been featured pretty much everywhere that that you can, you can consume information so Stephen, say what’s up to everybody and let’s hop in.

Stephen: Guys, what is going on? Dude, I’m so happy to be here thanks for inviting me. 

Josh: Yeah, no problem, man I’m excited to have you here so Stephen, let’s just skip past all the nitty gritty and everything I want to ask you one question, I just leave this all off. So if you had to start a new business, you know, having started multiple yourself, and you only had 90 days to build a livable income for your family, what type of business would you build? And how would you build it 90 days. 

Stephen: better market awareness will be step one, understanding the market, assessing my gifts and talents that I uniquely have, and also assessing the needs in the marketplace to determine what that product service should be for the marketplace so in my respects, you know, one of the things I’m really gifted at is teaching leaders how to become better leaders and teaching people how to create companies, literally from scratch, as you know, my first one, I started homeless, and that became a close to a nine figure business by itself across three states employing you know, several 100 team members  there’s a lot of backstory that we don’t have time for today but we can totally dig into that some other time. You know, so at the end of the day, you look at your strengths, you look at what the market needs, and then you kind of look at the overall market predictions to kind of not market predictions, but market assessment. Because you have to understand the competitive playing field, you need to understand what value proposition you bring and so many of us don’t do that some of the videos will take the time, but just think we’re really good at something, you know, maybe we’re really good tactician at something, maybe in some respects, maybe we’re just a really good marketer but why people on my team, I’ve got great marketers on my team that are fantastic people, and they know how to help people understand that they need our products and services but they’re not really great about leading people and when you go to create a business, you’re going to have to learn how to lead people, whether you like it or not. Otherwise, you’re gonna find yourself isolated, and alone and stagnant and it’ll totally limiting your overall earning income potential. So I think if I was going to start a business today, step one would be assessing what I really have given to me in a gift form right now, right, which right now for me is going to be thought leadership space okay. Which also means probably my quickest way is probably a simple WordPress website that I put together myself either through Squarespace or any of the various like quick web website builders, right? I’m going to have a brief online store, maybe using a stripe, maybe using a Click Funnels, maybe even talking about something inexpensive Click Funnels is not super cheap, but you know, maybe using something inexpensive to get a basic funnel, and then I’m going to start creating content. Now one of the things that I was kind of really surprised to do is, you know, I, I’m in a position life now, where we have a nice Live Event Center, we’ve got a nice podcast to do, we’ve got lots of cool areas to film video, you’d be surprised to know that the most successful videos or have actually been shot with an iPhone right? so many times when we’re trying to bootstrap something, we want to have it all figured out, we want to go and leverage ourselves up, we want to go put our houses on, I don’t know, mortgage our house, you know, like leverage ourselves up because we think we need all the stuff that maybe a Ramsey or Maxwell or Robbins or JLD or any of these thought leadership folks need because you know, but you got to keep in mind, they’ve been doing this for 20 plus years, in many respects they’ve, they’ve saved they’ve earned they’ve created revenue over and over again. You know, the trick is, is starting small and being okay with starting small I find that most bootstrap entrepreneurs, most marketers are so heavily leveraged based on the content that they’re consuming on a regular basis, which a lot of times is by highly successful marketers, right? marketers study marketers more than they do anything else marketers don’t often study business organization, marketers don’t often study leadership, team culture, right? If you’re going to be crazy successful and build a marketing agency that can stand the test of time it’s not just about pushing a product or service it’s about building the best view you can build so you can build the best team you can build so they can build the best business you can build.

Josh: See, and I love that. I love that you cover that because really the one of the big problems when people are stuck at the million dollar point or even, even let’s just say that six figure point a lot of people plateau at those because they got there off of sheer sale ability, right. They’re good marketers. But then they get stuck because they haven’t taken that time to assess their business model build a team and like you said, create a thought leadership business. So I want to delve a little bit deeper into to your methodology with that, because the type of business that you build around thought leadership. I mean, there’s, there’s tons of different things you could sell with that. What would be the product that you would sell because obviously, you’ve built a content engine what are you selling through there? 

Stephen: Well, you know, it’s an, that’s a really good question in that I don’t typically start with products I start I start with, well, I guess it technically is a product, but it would be considered, you know, top of your funnel your free content, right? Like a buddy of mine, Evan Carmichael likes to say, always test the free stuff first right? Not just for marketing in your own funnel, but also like, when you engage with your audience, you know, give as much value and impact as as you possibly can now, that’s no secret. Everybody’s been talking about that for a decade now. Like give it give more value than you’re asking to be paid for right? In my particular seat, revenue, and monetization paths and making, you know, incredibly successful funnels and stuff is not at the heart of what I’m trying to accomplish. What I’m trying to accomplish is I’m trying to inspire that person to take another step right and the reason I say that is because I’ve determined and discovered a long time ago that life and business mastery as a whole really follows a hierarchy of seven major steps right and there’s an old as a person of faith there’s an old Bible adage that says, new levels, new devils, right? So every time you go up a level, you got to face a new challenge every time you go up a level, you face a new challenge, and so on and so forth. So, picture that staircase in your mind all right so coming from the homeless background coming from the bootstrapping businesses, that’s the only way I know to do it, right isn’t no money, little resources and solely being totally resourceful, which everybody’s heard that term before right? That’s, that’s, that’s all I know I know about greedy fire stopping. That’s what I know about right? Well, when I went back and looked at, okay, what actually happened? What steps that I actually follow in order to get to where I am today? You know, we have the tagline you mentioned earlier that I get a lot of heat for it. Because some people like get it they understand they’ll be like, dude, that’s so cliche Come on, man. Like really, like from stuck to unstoppable sounds so auspicious Okay, wonder, you know, whatever. Here’s what I discovered being stuck is nothing more than not making progress. Okay, definition of being stuck, right definition for being unstoppable consistently making progress it’s all about the journey, not the destination, right? So the seven steps that I’m going to lead you to your I’ll call them seven levels of Life Mastery, it can be used for life and business all day long it’s also a very similar journey that a customer wants to experience when they engage with you, which is why I think it’ll help your marketers and that is first of all, there’s the awakening right? There’s the awareness, if you will, the awakening that you need something different, right? For some people, it’s because they’re there, they’re flat out broke, they’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, they’re like, I was tired of living in Roach infested, and having their lights and their telephone shut off and, and dealing with all that kind of stuff for some is that I hate my boss. Like, I’m so sick of working for this dude, he’s a jerk and never treats me right I don’t like for some, it’s gonna be completely different but the reality is, is we all face what we refer to as an awakening moment and the the awakening is nothing more than realizing that I want something more and that I want to do something about it right? A lot of us say we want a new life, a lot of us say we want new products and a lot of us say we want new product services. And we want to build a business and we want to create a marketing agency and we want to do videos and we want to do websites, we want to do auto optimizations and we’re looking at optimized press and Click Funnels and all these parts and pieces but some of us experienced loss with markers that have worked for me there’s this this this element of all thought, no action like all the new tactics, I’m constantly studying new tactics, right? I’m like, stop studying the tactics and just do something right, just just just, I don’t care free e-book, try it right, let’s see what let’s see what happens. You know, that kind of stuff like to get going. So you have this awakening phase? Well, then you have this awareness phase, if you will so level two would be awareness it’s like understanding that you are who you are but more importantly, you are where you are today, because that’s all you’ve allowed yourself to be right, John Maxwell used to say a long time ago that the organization is limited by their leader, right? The scalability of your business will always be limited by your ability to scale yourself the biggest mistake I made a bar none and all of my businesses all the way across the board is trying to build a business without building myself and when I say that, I mean the intangibles I mean, what emotionally makes you make a decision because when you understand you better, you also understand your customer or your avatar better, right? You can really get into that avatar matrix and really understand what keeps them up at night right? What makes them actually crave something new, your terminology in the in the copywriting that you have you pivot in such a way that begins to use words that they’re using in their own head right, because you’ve developed something called empathy and empathy gives you insight and as you create more empathy, you gain more insight, all of a sudden you have more copywriting capabilities well, you only get there through awareness okay, so we have the awakening, we have the awareness then third thing that I always did level three is always the influence of the mentor, okay, the guide, the mentor, the teacher, the coach, the person who’s going to call you on your crap, and also help you see things that you can’t see yourself right, my mentors always have three things in common, they have high levels of character, they’ve got high levels of integrity, and they’ve been where I’m trying to go and succeeded and if they don’t have each one of those three things, I don’t consider them a mentor, and I keep searching. Now, I have another piece of content that we used to talk about called the mentorship matrix and there’s four different areas that you can get a mentor in a peer to peer mentor, okay, a historical mentor, which is any mentor that you can get from a book, a CD or something like that, a digital mentor, which is all the video content, video content, podcast content, like this show that you can consume, right and the fourth one is the aspirational mentor the person who is where you want to be, they exhibit the lifestyle that you want to live. Okay. So when you begin to look at that third category of mentors, consider those four buckets because one thing I always get all the time was looking at for a great mentor, there’s no one around I don’t have access to him I can’t talk to Tony Robbins on a regular basis. No, but you can watch his videos you can listen to his old CDs and read his books. the same thing with john Maxwell and Dave Ramsey and JLD I mean, the list goes on thought Leadership builds future thought leadership right? There’s an old saying that there’s no new ideas or just new ways of filtering and processing it right? How can you use that thing yourself to kind of break, break things down and shake it, shake it loose for yourself? Now once you actually got your awakening, you’ve got your awareness, you’ve got your mentor, now it comes down to implementation, you’ve got to implement what you’ve learned okay about 70% of the public will stop at implementation because it’s uncomfortable right? I know, everybody’s heard us before you got to be comfortable with becoming uncomfortable, right the reason that’s the reason it said so often is because it’s what I consider to be a life truth. Okay, so level four is implement, you’ve got to implement, you’ve got to put in the work. You’ve got you can’t sit around thinking you can’t sit around trying to build and strategize; you got to what is that? What is the flow and test before you invest right? You can’t test something you haven’t created right, including yourself like attributes about yourself, I can’t test my new level of thought leadership, I can’t test how I’m leading a team unless I start to do it right. Well, the next level is going to be the maturity phase. Okay, once you hit a level of maturity, you finally have got enough muscle memory, where you’re starting to have a lot of success in that area okay, which then leads you to the next level, which is emergence, emergence is powerful, because all the hard work you put in, so all the awakening all the awareness, all the mentorship, all the implementation, all the really, incredibly hard working stuff that you’ve done right, you’ve now got that maturity level, you’ve got some results emergences, where you have results without thinking about it okay, what I like to refer to as the next level of being mastery right most people will begin teaching from a place that is not considered mastery, they’ll learn a new technique, they won’t have it fully implemented, they won’t have practiced it. They won’t have have, have seen it grown into maturity, but yet they try to teach it the stuff that I teach myself personally, I always hold myself accountable making sure is this an area is something that I have actually mastered because I believe that the way to create a legacy that outlives you, no matter if it’s a product service, or business, is by creating mastery in that specific area, and then teaching other people how to do it. In fact, I say it this way, the greatest purpose in life you’ll ever have, is serving the person you used to be right so what does a great marketer do? Well, a great marketer may actually go back and help. It’s like, you’re a lot of the people that you guys study, right? The Russell Brunson’s and so on and so forth. Like you go back and study these guys, right? What are they? What is their main product now? Selling marketing techniques to marketers you see what I’m saying?

Josh: Yeah, it’s really interesting to see that that’s kind of that’s the the progression. I feel like for most people, they’re like, Oh, I learned something immediately I’m going to start teaching in a coach to coaches right.

Stephen: Exactly and then there’s, there’s some wisdom to be in one or two steps ahead and learning something new. It could be but you’ve got a position that hey, look, this is something I’m not incredibly masterful at, but something I’m implemented I’m seeing success in and it’s all about how you pivot the conversation because by that, but by actually following the seven levels of Life Mastery, or you can call it business mastery, but what’s the same stinking levels right? by actually following this again, you create empathy and as you create empathy, you are able to understand your customer better, right? Because I believe that the greatest purpose is serving the person you used to be because you have unique insight to how that person thinks and feels and operates, which means you get to be the solution to their problem and for most people, most purchases are done so emotionally and if you can solve a something that’s keeping them up at night, they will have no problem rewarding you with Benjamin’s.

Josh: See, and I absolutely love that and I hope all of you really took notes on those seven steps because Stephen was telling me this before the interview that is actually this is the first time he shared that. So you’re you’re getting the first look at this and I hope you all look at that. But I do have a question for you, Stephen along the lines of that night. Honestly, I’m seeing my story go through that and my quiet well, level am I actually at right now but it kind of brought a question to me. Do you feel like it’s almost a cycle that you kind of have to do this multiple times? Like it’s a one time thing? 

Stephen: Yeah, it is think about it this way. So I come from a construction background. So my first company was a well, I still own it today. It’s called custom home exteriors. It is focused heavily on exterior building products. Okay. Now, I will tell you that when I first started, put my thought leadership and started going back into that space, people like construction guy really like construction I’m like, here’s what I here’s something I realized, constructions not sexy until you need something built right? We’re all sitting in for walls at the moment, at least most of us are or we’re sitting in a car right? So anyway, long story short, to answer your question, yes. When you go to build a skyscraper, that the size of the skyscraper is directly correlated to the depth of the foundation, okay, knowing that the foundation is where everything starts at, it’s also the bottom of the staircase okay now, if you look at any organization, or any Empire that’s been built, typically the for your space is typically the first level, that’s the reception area, right? The next level is typically going to be your action levels, you’ve got your climbing the stairs, you’re now kind of going into the accounting offices and the operational managers but a lot of the VP’s EVP’s and even presidents and CEOs are typically on the top floor you see what I’m saying? So while it is a cycle, I believe it is a stair step cycle and not necessarily a cylindrical cycle that’s kind of repetitive does that makes sense? Because after you build the first builder, after you build the first building, you can begin to build the second one.

Josh: Yeah, and I love that. I relate well to that my dad was a contractor. So I know the construction space that’s why I’m here because I don’t love doing construction. I’ll be honest. So yeah, no, that’s, that’s awesome I love that. So I hope all of you kind of visualize that, right? It’s not cylindrical, you’re not going clear back to the beginning and starting over. It’s a stair step process I really love those seven steps. And honestly, I think I’m going to have to look at my business again and say, Where am I at? I also want to highlight one point that you said right at the end, you know, the mastery level is where you’re serving people who are where you are at and it kind of loops back to your mentor space, right? I do believe that you should, once you’ve learned something, you should share it with the world, because that’s what’s going to help a certain group of people to, to, you know, become, become where you are, get to where you are but I would help most of you, as you’re as you’re building out this business, you know, a lot of you are at that seven figure plateau, I would hope you look at where you’re at and say, am I am I at the mastery step in? Or do I need to step back and actually hire a mentor, and you’re really touching on a really good point with the mentor space? Stephen yeah, I found in my business, every time I’m stuck, I just go spend money on another mentor and every time I do that, I immediately I move to the next level every single time. So I love that

Stephen:  perspective it’s outside help it’s outside work it’s, you know, one of the reasons that I that I always try to say that people should teach from a place of mastery is because when you go to teach, and you’re not really well grounded, or not really deeply rooted in that particular subject matter, there’s always a chance that you can actually send somebody off course and I believe that by doing that, you can actually create more harm than good, which is one of the reasons why I say, hey, look, you emergency emergence level, maturity level, mastery level, those are the three areas that I really feel like if I could just caution your audience to make sure you’re operating from when you go to teach something new because again, you can actually hurt somebody in the process, not meaning to.

Josh: Yeah, and honestly, I love that you mentioned that because I know for me, the first course I ever bought was actually a Facebook ads course from this guy who was kind of emerging, and I don’t want to throw him under the bus because he’s a great guy but honestly, a lot of the tactics he taught didn’t work, then they were kind of theoretically, no, but they weren’t proven they’re systematically proven. But what was really interesting is a year after I bought the course he redid it, and basically negated everything that he had said in his first course and it was kind of frustrating as the marketer because I’m like, now I have to go clear back to the basics, because I was doing it completely wrong so I love that you’re you bring that in, I would also caution people to not take that as your you’re not a master, right? because a lot of people are going to have that imposter syndrome but what you’re saying is identify if you can truly show that something works, and then teach it to people. Is that correct?

Stephen: Yeah, absolutely. You know, if you take that, that one example, there’s nothing wrong so anybody that’s in our pipeline, so we have the, like everybody else, we have an early adopter phase, especially the online school and I have a tendency myself to change tweak in amplify specific pieces of content anybody who’s part of the early adoption phase always gets first looks at the new stuff and I did that strategically to say, hey, look, I know that people make purchases based on know like and value, right? They, they know me, they trust me, they value my opinion, or value, my insight and if I make a change to my own courses, my own curriculum is my own thing they need to be the first ones to know and it’s not saying that, hey, look, I’m trying to lead you astray. It’s like, hey, look, I realized there’s a better way this  will this will 10 X, whatever we were talking about there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing wrong with leaving, or kind of starting with your first product, if you will, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Again, some of our most successful videos were done on iPhones, right? There’s nothing absolutely wrong with that whatsoever. The trick is, is making sure that it’s it is actually the best and most efficient thing you have at your disposal in the moment that makes any sense. hope that answered the question.

Josh: that absolutely does answer the question and I love I love how you articulated that because there’s, there’s it shouldn’t stop you from wanting to go out and teach people but it kind of goes back to your mentor space and I love that you had the four different types, right? The peer to peer, basically a book digital or somebody who’s where you want to be and I know for me, like when I first started in the teaching space, the thought leadership space, I’m a young guy, very little credibility I’m like, I have some marketing experience so I said, Hey, instead of doing, like, hey, come to me, I know everything about this topic I said, hey, let’s do a mastermind together and I’ll just keep bringing you the best stuff with the best people and we’ll learn together and we’ll pick out the best things and we made quite a bit of money doing that. But it allowed me to actually learn and master the topic, like you said and implement so I love that you love your methodology I might put that on my wall. Where are you at? 

Stephen: What you should be asking yourself that, you know, at least on a monthly basis, hey, have we moved the needle? You know, because at the end of the day, your needle only gets moved if you focus on it. You know, when I’m working in the Life Mastery space when people break through their own life stuff, right? There’s this element of vision board, but it’s like, it’s crystal, it’s clearer than of creating a vision board like I wrote myself a $10,000, check. No, I’m sorry, $100,000 check, when I was barely in a single wide mobile home, trying to make ends meet. Okay. But I did that. And I had to look at that Joker every single day for solid six years before I was able to ever to cash it right, there’s just something tangible about keeping stuff in front of you and when you buy that you actually have the focus when you have focus, you have intention, when you have intention, you create momentum, when you create momentum, you become unstoppable 

Josh: I just could just end the interview there but I want to make sure we do justice on this. So you weren’t you just kind of teased a little bit about the transform you can you kind of walk us through what that is and what it’s for.

Stephen: Yeah, essentially. So I, I’m kind of doing what I told you about in the process about three and a half years ago, I discovered that most people, especially in the thought leadership space, not most I’d say I’d say a good sized chunk, we’re doing it for the wrong motives they wanted to do it because they wanted to be famous, they wanted to be known, they wanted to be seen all that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, when you come from that place, a lot of times you only give people the 30,000 foot view and you kind of make yourself a master of 30,000 foot view but when they press you, there’s really no place for those types of folks to go and I learned a long time ago that people don’t want more gurus they want guides, they want people that can help them write legitimately, you know, so we then we began to survey people who follow some bigger names and things of that nature. Hey, what do you like about so and so? Oh, you know, it’s a great environment, love the seminars, you know, they’re in depth, they’re immersive, they’re amazing. Okay, what do you not like about those? Well, what I don’t like about those is the fact that when I leave, I don’t know what to do. Like, I spend three days at these massive seminars with people from all over the world and I can’t break things down so what I discovered was is people needed a process to break things down right? Most of us silo ourselves in such a way that we come from our past, our past bleeds into our present, and if we’re not careful, it becomes our future and then somewhere in the future, the 35 year old 45 year old 55 year old self goes oh crap I don’t know My life’s going, I don’t know who I am. I don’t, I don’t know what to do and I really discovered that purpose comes from answering three specific questions. Who am I? Why am I here? And what do I do about it? So what I did was I took the time to dedicate all of my energy into looking over my life going back to that sort of the person used to be looking for what actually worked, taking the time to break things down to a granular level, and then packaging it in such a way that it forces someone to go step by step by step by step, the eager beavers in us to hide the overachievers like myself, right, we like to buy the digital course, watch video, one, skip the video 25, maybe video 50 and like, okay, we did it or, like some of my guys that I’ve caught them doing listening to podcasts and videos that like six times of speed on another episode, you actually you actually digested that? Yeah, yeah. Okay, well, what does this section say? I don’t know okay, which means you didn’t like you didn’t become competent in it, right. So I began to create something called transform you and we have a live event called transform you live that obviously COVID disrupted last year, okay I intentionally in that event have to to two to 250 people that’s all I allow, because I want to have one on one interactions with everybody right? So we have a seminar that we teach them a theology and the and the philosophical nature of the principle, if you will, and then they immediately go into immersive sessions to break things down and actually apply it directly to their life specifically, well, COVID obviously threw us for a loop. Well, it just so happened that we had already been developing a custom developed online school called transform you online and because I want our products and services to be attainable to everybody, like I’m not asking people to spend $6,000, to come to a seminar, and pay for their airfare and pay for their hotel because the person that I used to be did not have that kind of money right? The person that I used to be maybe could scrounge up 100 bucks in a month timeframe, to actually do something to work on me can in fact, that’s what I did. So the entire transformation process basically breaks apart our growth framework, okay, now, imagine that computer, call it a Windows, call it a Mac, whatever you use, right? There’s a file folder structure inside of that computer, right? You have a file, and it says life and then you click on that file and inside of that file, you have 30 files and then each one of those files you have like another 20. Well, essentially, the growth framework, and I’ll just share with you really, really fast is gain perspective, remove roadblocks organize a plan and work to frickin’ plan, right? Nothing happens to your work it but until you gain perspective of where you need to go, Why needs to go there, what’s important, what motivates you, so on and so forth. You can’t actually work a plan, which is why people are like, I’ve tried everything in the world, and I’m not getting traction, right? That’s why that doesn’t work you’re skipping the steps, right? You see, you can’t skip ahead so transform you online became our main tool in which then the last year So specifically, we’ve used to help people go step by step through mastering their life the reason I started with Life Mastery space, rather than entrepreneur space, specifically, even though I get a lot of requests for entrepreneur style content, is because everything that comes out of your life, bleeds into your career, it bleeds in your relationships, it breeds into your family, it breeds into your, your spiritual nature, when no matter what that is for you, whether it’s you know, resilience and meditation, things of that nature, it bleeds into your emotional well-being your sense of significance, your mental health, so on and so forth which is why we broke it down. So that’s what transform you online is and then we’ll be launching transform you immersion in the near future, which is what one on one with me wishes. Unfortunately, that’s a higher price point just because I have so much limited time six companies’ keeps me very busy.

Josh: Say and I don’t think people realize that sometimes, like, I pick your brain and you’re like, dude, literally, I would I literally don’t have time I’d be happy to help you but I can’t so come into view, right? So I want I’m gonna just do a hard pitch for you on it for everybody I honestly think every single person on this show should go check that out because you’re coming to me saying, Hey, I’m stuck right, and the show is all built around helping you to get unstuck, but he literally has an entire program built around helping you get from stuck to unstoppable so go check that out so what’s the link for that and they can gain access to that Stephen.

Stephen: Yeah, so the easiest way is to actually go to journeyprinciples.com and then actually go ahead and just for safety’s sake because I don’t want people to jump in not knowing what kind of thought leadership I teach hopefully got a little taste of something, the things that I’ve experienced and wisdom that I’ve managed to gain over the last couple years but go ahead and download any of the any one of the three books, we got five principles for personal breakthrough, we got understanding what drives and motivates you, which comes with a $97 free personality assessment, disc values and attributes which nobody else does for free right. And then seven relationships you must have to win at life start there if you like that, then obviously just continue to stay opted in and then you’ll have an opportunity to join transform you online.

Josh: I love that. So make sure you go check that out everybody. I know for a lot of you it’s you want to go consume the information but I would even challenge you to say just like he said go in, consume some information, build a plan and then implement, spend the time implementing and you’ll, you’ll see big success from that. So, Stephen, before we sign off, I have one final question for you. So, you know, we’ve covered a lot of different topics. But if you could leave one final parting piece of guidance for our audience, especially if it was like the one thing that you could leave with them, what would that be?

Stephen: The final thing is, I think everybody should be seeking one thing in their life, creating a legacy that outlives them and the reason I say that is, as I’m sitting here today, a man who was homeless, suicidal, because someone else chose to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. His name was Steve mark, my very first mentor; he never got to see six businesses. He never got to see me sharing the world stage. He never got to see me on social media and creating videos and podcasts. He never got to see any of that. Instead, everyone who comes in contact with me, here’s the name Steve Mark, because he created a legacy that outlived him through me and my goal is to do that at scale. So ask yourself, with your professional career with your relationships with your gifts with your talents, what legacy can I live Can I leave behind me that can outlive me? in it so you have the answer that question, don’t stop looking. 

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