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Fabienne Raphaël is a business coach, speaker, podcaster, and former elite athlete.

As a result of working with her, high achievers monetize their knowledge and fire their boss by building their dream coaching/consulting business, so they can spice up their life, and live their purpose. Fabienne is also a top-ranked podcaster and international speaker, who already shared the stage with John Lee Dumas and spoke at the last New Media Europe conference in London.

She has been featured in Forbes, ABC, FOX, CBS, and Inc. and has appeared on over 30 podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire.


Show Notes

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Josh: What is up everybody, Josh Tapp here again, and welcome back to the lucky Titan podcast and today we’re here with Fabienne Raphael and we’ve actually had a really good conversation before, this probably is pretty awesome and I actually found out that I’m one of the only people she knows who knew the sport that she played professionally, which really interesting so if you haven’t heard of handball, go look it up and go play it because it’s pretty awesome it’s Fabienne was a pro athlete and handball she’s also been very, very successful been seen on ABC, Fox, CBS some of these big news channels really, if you haven’t heard of her, I’d be surprised because she’s all over the place on the internet right now so I want to say how have you say what’s up Fabienne and then we’ll hop in. 

Fabienne: Okay, so Hi, thank you for inviting me so excited to be here. 

Josh: Awesome. No, I’m really glad to have you here, too. This is one that we actually almost missed this interview, because complications on my end, and then we I was so glad you rescheduled because sometimes you’re like, things happen in life, right? And you end up having these, these moments where like, shoot, this is so unprofessional, I have to cancel. But I feel like if you reschedule it was really meant to be like, we’re supposed to be here talking together, for our audience, I really want to delve heavily into the topic of how you’re helping coaches in particular, to scale their business. We know that a lot of people who enter the coaching realm, the first question they have is how do I make money right? And so, I mean, they always said, I’d like to kind of see back and forth because I have my opinions and they might be against or so it’ll be kind of fun to see if we’re on the same page but we found that the number one thing that coaches do when they try to get paid, they want to get paid stages, which kind of got killed during Coronavirus, right, there really aren’t very many paid stages, even, even marginally right now so what’s kind of your methodology around monetizing and scaling as a coach? 

Fabienne: so first of all, the people that I work with most of the time, they don’t have their coaching business yet and they are stuck in the cycle of you know, thinking, planning, reading more, and knowing more wondering if anyone would ever pay them or whatsoever so what they’re looking to get is actually, they know their zone of genius, they know they’re great at something they know, they can help people and deliver results, but they just don’t know how to make it work and they don’t know what the first step is to do and, as you know, there are plenty of coaches that are also great marketers and promise the world and don’t deliver on their results so people get really overwhelmed about what they should do next and they have no idea so when they come in, well, I teach them the dream method, which is a method that I created, and all the letters stand for something so I’ll tell you about it. So the “D” stands for design your dream offer. So basically packaging everything that you know, into something that is very compelling for your potential client to be, you know, attracted to it and be willing to sign up with you. The “R: is reinforcing your sales skills so it’s, it’s one thing to be the best coach in the world, maybe from your point of view but if no one knows about it, or if you don’t know how to sell and how to bring money into your business, then it’s, it’s actually useless. The third, the third letter is enhancing your know like and trust factor. So as you know, people do business with people, and people do business with people they know like and trust if they don’t know about you, if they don’t like you, or if they don’t trust that you can deliver results, they’ll never sign up with you then the “A” is that add many clients to your business with your personalized marketing strategy. So I’m against the cookie cutter strategies do as I do, and you’ll get the same results, you’ll get six figures in two, seven days whatsoever. Okay, I’m not saying it’s not possible, it is possible but, but please like. So the thing about adding that those clients with your personalized marketing strategy one on one to bring forward is actually your, your strengths, right? I don’t want to push your marketing through, let’s say, video if you hate it, or if you feel so uncomfortable with it to start with so what I do with my clients is I evaluate what their strong side where their strong sides are and this is what we push forward in their marketing and then finally, the “M” is for make your clients your forever fans. So meaning that not only will you deliver results, but you’ll go the extra miles for your clients. So they become fun of you and they become your best marketing because $0 spent right when your clients are talking about you all over the place and you get referrals but also when you think about Okay, how can I serve that client in several aspects of their evolution right? So it’s not a done deal. After you’ve done your three months, six months package or a year package with your client,  how can you serve them a little bit longer so they can come back to your business and then you continue to have that effect on them or that guidance and it’s again more money to your business but also like it shows that you truly care about you know the results that you deliver and the growth of your clients so that’s what I teach my clients, when I work with them. 

Josh: See, and I absolutely love that strategy I like to kind of pick apart a few of those pieces especially because I love I love the A, it really supports what we believe, the number one problem that I see when when people come and try to monetize, right, just like you said that they look for what cookie cutter method is the most profitable, right? And for me at the time, when I first started, I wasn’t even trying to be a coach, I was trying to sell my services. But I was running into the problem that I sucked on camera and I’m like, I can’t run Facebook ads, because they were teaching me how to run Facebook ads, but I’m like, I don’t want to be on camera, I suck at it and so it really kind of messed us up for a long time because I was trying like, Oh, I’m gonna try a picture that I don’t have to be in or try somebody else’s video as long as they give me permission, and just never really worked so I love that so can we delve in a little bit further, first into the “D” that designing your dream offer? It was one of the big questions I have for you is what type of monetization strategy do you recommend for these people? Is it starting a mastermind? is it doing one on one coaching consultant? How do you how do you recommend

Fabienne: I strongly recommend one on one first, and the only reason is because this is where you can get like paid for your market research that still goes on with your work with your clients so a lot of people are like, well, you know, I don’t have any testimonials? Or should I give free consultations or free sessions; because I’m starting my business and I don’t have any experience and what I answer to that is that, um, you know, like your knowledge and what you’re great at, like you, you acquired that over the years, this is a done deal already this is what you have. So you’re just like a, let’s say, a business virgin and you’re you don’t know anything about like growing your business yet but you know everything about your expertise or zone of genius so why can’t you get paid for that and of course, like people they, they had, they get hung up on the fact that Okay, so I can’t charge you know, that amount of money. And that’s most of the time that mindset block, right. So what I what I advise them to do is to actually charge like the highest where they feel comfortable with because it’s important when they when they talk to their prospect on the sales call, if they don’t feel confident about their prices, then they’ll just blow the cell all the time so so I really advise them to go high as possible I’m a very big, you know, I praise about like the high end offers and all that stuff and I feel that even if you’re get, you’re just getting started, it’s possible for you to fight to charge 5000 or 10,000 for your package, if you’re able to deliver that result and if Also, these people that you’re serving are already actively looking for your for your solution that you provide what your services so yes, I push a lot of one on one thing, just because you can ask so many questions, you can get so much closer to your clients and then if you have a few and you work with them like very, very well, this could be like the foundations of something like that grows bigger eventually, if you want to create a mastermind group for these people, or if you want to create a group coaching out of it, but also it gives you the foundation for you know, what are the main struggles, like if there are always the same topics that come back, then eventually, if you want to create a funnel with like an online course or something automated, then you have like all that you need to create your content and make sure that people you know will, will be willing to buy that information right? So I feel that the one on one coaching is the fastest way for you to get to that money that you’re looking to get like you know, to leave your job or to have that extra income 5000 like is easily as easily done like if he if you if you think about this, and it’s funny when I hear people like okay, so well, I’ll sell at $500. So I need like, you know, I need 10 of them, I need 1520 of them and then what like you’ll have to sell to 20 people like same thing, you’re still on the sales call with that person, you’re just not pitching the same product so less effort, more money for what

Josh: we’re all looking for right now and I love that I love what you’re saying I hope people like picked up yet one little thing that it was just such a broad point, but I think is so pointed to what people don’t realize about this industry if you’ll do a one on ones with people like you’re saying it like you said it creates the content, everything you need to be able to launch a webinar, or do whatever you had to because you’ve, you’ve mastered the sales presentation. You’ve already been doing that too you know how many people to be able to close these one on one deals, you’ve got successful clients, you can use their testimonials, you know, the verbiage that sells them, you know your customer, all you have to do is literally put it on the page, run ads or whatever you’re doing to it we recommend like JV’s, right, using JV’s to run run traffic to it and then you know you’ve got an automated business as well so I had to highlight that because that was a really awesome point as well, so with your methodology, a lot of what they’re doing, you know, as coaches, a lot of us run into this problem where we’re like alone, it’s kind of like solopreneurship, right? I’m pretty avidly against solopreneurship because I have two partners in my business and a lot of people are like, well, why? Why would you bring on two partners? One of them is pretty much my cheerleader, he’s my brother one of them is the brains because I don’t have them so I’m here to be the dancing monkey, right? So for like, for you, what do you recommend as far as like leveraging that teamwork aspect and to be able to not be that solopreneur? 

Fabienne: Okay, so Well, basically, environment is everything and Jim Rohn used to say you’re the average of the five people you surround yourself with the most so basically, just take a moment and think about where you’re at in life right now and if it’s, this is where you want to be, and then think about who are you talking to the most and are these people inspiring to you are these people, you know, lifting you or helping you to achieve your dreams or these are the people that always say that you’re wrong? Or, you know, they say, Well, why do you want to start that business? or Why do you want to go that route, go get a job, like everyone else is doing something different, like so, so really, environment is the key and, and that’s why like in, in my business, not only do I serve people one on one, but I also have a mastermind group that I lead, and it’s called the coaching Empire elite mastermind and what I love about that group is that each and every single one of them whenever, like they leave that call that we have every week, they feel empowered, they feel empowered, they feel that they have that energy to keep going for the whole week, for that content strategy for their sales calls for growing their business for doing whatever they have to do because power like being being alone, compared to being in a team, like I come from a team handball background, you know, I was an elite athlete and I remember when we were on the court, in 1999, pan on games finals, and we’re playing our life because we want to get to the Olympics, I can assure you, Josh, each and every single one of the members of my team, they left their soul on the court that day and that is not a regret for me, even if we lost at the end but like I knew that everyone was doing their ultimate best ao when you have like the opportunity to be part of a group that brings each and every single one of them brings their talent, their expertise, their zone of genius, to add it to the group, the result of it is not only the sum of the parts, but it becomes exponential like sky’s the limit, right? Because it’s so much power that gets out of it so it’s funny because some people want to use the coaching business to actually hide behind their computers and do everything on their own but try to do that for a few days or a few weeks and you’ll you’ll feel, you’ll feel that things are not working out. Like nobody has ever, ever succeeded alone in their corner everyone needs a mentor a coach or people surrounding them that have the same view that have that high achiever mindset, that are goal oriented, to allow you to push you forward, call you on your BS, and you know, like, make you make you accomplish something, and live your life purpose because again, like I always say coaching is is like, you know, you’re changing lives every day, with what you’re doing with your expertise and, you know, like, it’s your life mission and if you if you have that in you if you feel that you have that special thing inside of you that allows you to change other people’s lives and transform it for the better it’s your duty to do something about it and express it and have clients and, and spread the great news because or else it makes you someone who’s very selfish let me keep it all for yourself.

Josh: I agree. And I love how your business model is built around helping people who’ve they’ve accomplished something great, right? They’re experts in their field, but then helping them say, don’t be selfish to share with other people and get paid for it I love that really just the mentality shift so I want to ask you this about what you what do you think coaching really looks like? Because a lot of people might have a perception that they don’t really truly understand what coaching is and how it works so can you kind of walk us through what that looks like today? 

Fabienne: Okay, so meaning like being a coach, what it looks?

Josh: Yeah, like being a coach. 

Fabienne: Okay. Okay. So, being a coach, what it looks like is that, you know, depending on what model you decide to, to go with, for example, if I give you my example, I have one on one clients, and I have my mastermind group so the one on one clients that I have, well, I see them, I see them on a regular basis so we have like one call a month and then during that call, I make sure to address all all their concerns and so they know exactly what to do for the next month to come and then in between if they have like questions or other concerns, then they have unlimited access to me so I can, you know, reply to them like the quickest possible so I make sure there’s no block into their, their growth right in between that time and then for my mastermind, well, it’s one call a week that we have, and we meet every Thursday and once a month, I invite a guest experts, depending on what the needs of my group are and, and with that guest expert, of course, it adds more value and it brings, it fuels them in a different way I find and it just like, I feel that it consolidates also the power of the group because they grow together and this is how they, you know, they, they, they’re friends, now, they used to be a bunch of strangers, but now they’re friends and that’s also extremely important, because these are people that get you, right, when you’re part of a mastermind group, and I also invest myself in a mentor and a mastermind group because I feel that it’s an important part of my growth, like I can’t, I can’t sell coaching packages and not having a coach myself, like, I would feel like it’s I’m not walking the talk freely.

Josh: right, I agree 

Fabienne: with sports and everything, like I always had coaches to lead me into, you know, helping me accomplishing goals so I strongly believe in that but seriously, the coaching world is, is far, far better than just trading your time for money, right? Because the impact that you have on people’s lives is just a minute is just amazing and sometimes it has to do with like just that one little thing that you say, or that one little switch or a strategy tweak that they have to do in their post or in their sales call or whatsoever and then they click and something happens and then you changed my life, you influenced me for the better like this is such a great impact like one of my clients, like every week, she sends me this gratefulness call, like, I have to say thank you, I’m forever grateful. Like she always says that, because like, what I’m doing what, what I, how I’m helping her becoming what she always wanted to become like, she’s amazed by it and she, she keeps getting those results, right and it’s motivating for her and also for me, because I’m fueled by these messages and so, so what where I’m going with all that message is that, um, coaching is way better than trading time for money, like you’re not punching in and then punching out after six, seven hours, there are a specific amount of things that you need to do that give really powerful results and it has, it is way, way better than trading time for money plus, it’s a it’s getting more money into your business, because I strongly believe in karma. So if your, your will or your life mission is to truly help others and you’re very authentic into dedicating yourself to your clients, give whatever it takes and go the extra mile in delivering, then they get the result then it comes back to you in like multiple, multiple ways, not only with the money that you get, but also like with spreading your message people talking about you when you having opportunities, getting invited on podcasts, for example, or getting speaking engagements that’s what happens when you are true to yourself and that you’re you are very, very careful about always delivering the best out of what you can deliver.

Josh: and I love that because coaching like you said, it’s it’s such an unselfish business and if you treat it selfishly, it won’t work but you kind of hit on a point there the two that I loved it’s, it’s really that how you leverage coaches as well I mean, what are the things that I found pretty early on, was I could buy a book and if I read a book, I could read through it, I could learn a few things and apply it right that was pretty cheap coaching that I could get but then when I start making a little bit more money, I would buy courses and buy courses took a lot longer, but they were more specific they had targeted, targeted approach but then when we made enough money that I was like, I think I can hire a coach now when I hired my first coach, everything took off and it changed everything for me because when we started to say, okay, anytime I get stuck, I just hire a new coach, hire another coach, because it’s the fastest way to get your questions answered and it’s specific to your business that’s what I love, especially in business coaching life Coaching is the same way but I love to see that happen. Yeah, especially with you like you’re like hey, I have my own coaches. I think you do have to talk, walk the talk, talk the walk, whatever they call it, right. But I do think you have to kind of walk the same path because it’s coaching isn’t something that you do once and you quit it’s like an addiction. Once you figure it out. You’re like, wow, no amount of money is out of reach for you because you’re like, they will make me that much back very, very quickly especially for me with business coaching so for you it who are the people what areas do you like to get coaches, and I’m just kind of curious. 

Fabienne: Okay, so Well, I’ve had a bunch of coaches and when I started online I actually started with, well, first of all, I attended like this huge marketing conference, and I joined a mastermind group of that company and this is like the first ever contact I had with the online marketing world and that was like 10 years ago, or something like 11 years ago and that experience was amazing, because like, up to this day, the people that were close to me in that mastermind, if I call them, they’ll call me back, like within a day so, so I created great relationships there. But I also had like a blogging coach, because I felt that online, you know, there’s a specific way you need to write your content, right and I just wanted to make sure that I that I had that on point so I had a blogging coach, I had a coach, when I started my podcast, I had many business coaches and of course, like, there are coaches that I had in thinking about it today they were not a great fit, because like, you know, it was once I was trying to build my podcasting agency, which was never one of my goals but because I had seen that coach doing it. I was like, Oh, let me try to do that right. So I hired him and of course, it didn’t work. It didn’t work out this was not what I wanted to do at all but it took me that investment to realize that no, it was not for me, mindset, life coach I had and business coach, but it’s mostly like, I would say that nowadays, it’s more mostly like mindset and in business, that they are the constant parts that always come back, come back, come back yeah, 

Josh: that’s it’s kind of the recurring thing that you need I feel like especially initially, you’re trying to learn tactics and I always thought mindset was a little like woowoo. But it’s really funny because you, you have to have a mindset coach, I feel like it really will help you it’s pretty much the only way to get past big milestones in your business, because you get so hung up on what we couldn’t do that we can’t do that. Yeah, I know. For me, I used to charge like, way too cheap, way too cheap and my coach, I had a coach I hired him on and I was like, I’m gonna do whatever this man tells me to do and he’s like, can you start charging 10 grand for what I was charging, like maybe $1,000 for the total and I was like, You want me to 10 x my prices, I did it and we close double the amount of deals next month I was blown away, blown away and it’s it’s so funny to watch that in coaching, I hope that really helps people see like, Oh, that’s why you hire a coach but you have to throw a caveat here most people who don’t have coaches, they’re scared because oh, I don’t have the money to hire a coach but there is this absolute beautiful thing called a mastermind or group coaching, whatever you want to call it, Fabienne has an amazing one that you guys all go check out. But it’s a way to basically get one on one time in a group and then that way, you’re not having to spend $100,000 to hire somebody for a day you can spend 5 10 1000 or meet some people are literally, literally charging like $50 a week, or $50 a month, excuse me to be a part of their group coaching programs it just it’s a highly leveraged way to get coaching today so I want you to kind of Fabienne, I want to hear a little bit about your mastermind, and how you’ve been helping those coaches to to succeed in yours. 

Fabienne: Okay, so I’m the coach, actually, the I, I can you explain actually how I got the members of my mastermind and it was out of a course a six weeks intensive that I did last summer and half of the people who had joined that course, because they knew the value I could deliver, they sign up for my mastermind so that was the foundation, my foundation members so when I was talking about, you know, in my dream method, the am about make your clients are forever fans, deliver something good and great, and people will keep following you and some people, let’s say if they don’t invest with you again, that time, you’ll see them later, they’ll feel like they missed the boat, right? because they see the other ones improving and getting clients and getting paid, paid gigs and whatsoever so all the people that I started working with when they started my mastermind, it’s done some of them it started like very far because one of them I’m thinking specifically, he didn’t know how to actually show up online he was lacking confidence about, you know, his ability to truly help people and he works in human resources so, so he still has that job. But then what’s happening to him at work right now is that a ton of people in his company are coming to Him To get coaching to get coaching because they’re like something changed in you and we see how you’ve been like you’ve been acting, I want to become like that to help me out with it right so so the way he attracts people to him now compared to what he couldn’t do when we got started is just amazing so now he’s, he’s he has he has created his coaching group already and he’s welcoming clients like regularly in his business, another one before COVID hits, she wanted to start her coffee shop and then COVID happened so thank god she didn’t started because like she would have been close for a long time, and then it would not have been great for a business but when we had that call together, she was like, well, I always thought that I could, you know, help leaders because she had worked in many leader leadership positions, and she wants to help leaders with that so basically, she got started and now she’s she’s having like, regularly, like she’s booking sales calls regularly on her schedule and adding more clients or business, because in six weeks, she can get those leaders some results so leading better their team, increasing their bottom line with, you know, the work that they’ve been doing and changing their mindset so she sells speed, she doesn’t only sell the results, but she sells the fact that it can happen within six weeks another one that lost her job during COVID and she used to work at a as a chef, she decided she’s not going there anymore and now she’s a mindset coach and basically what was limiting her before was the fact that she was actually stuck in the imposter syndrome. Like who would pay her to to deliver that she knows hypnotherapy, she knows NLP, she she actually experimented mental health problem with one of her kids and she, you know, she was able to overcome it and all that stuff. So he had plenty, plenty of knowledge to be able to help people. And now she does help people with with dealing with kids that have mental health problems, because she has the tools and she’s done it before and her confidence is like through the roof today so the results that they’re getting is not only like bringing more clients into their business, but also in here, like the confidence that they have into delivering the results because I feel that this is mandatory, whenever like you’re delivering your message, like we’re talking on video now like, if I was always like this and very back in my chair, then you wouldn’t say like, something’s wrong with that lady there’s nothing like something she says is not real, right? So it’s important for you to really assume and know that you’re the right person, and you have that confidence and you can lead people to get the results and when you get that plus the right strategy well, of course, I mean, your business only grows and you can finally like say goodbye to that bus eventually and run your business full time. 

Josh: Which is the dream, right? Everybody wants to be that full time entrepreneur, and then you get there and you’re like, now I only want to work a few hours a week and make the same amount of money, right?

Fabienne: Exactly. 

Josh: So where can people get access to your mastermind, maybe learn more about your training and everything you know, you said you had a 30 minute training you were willing to give to everybody, which I was excited about. So we’re gonna get access to that. 

Fabienne: Yeah, okay, it’s at, if you don’t know how to spell that I’m sure you’re going to put it below

Josh: there’ll be a link in the description.

Fabienne: All right, and that gives you access to a training about like the three pillars to a successful coaching business and that’s a great way to cite because it will especially like if you’re on the verge of Should I get started or do I have whatever it takes, this will really confirm it for you and will allow you to make that first step

Josh: I love that one and honestly, I love, love, love love trainings like this, because these are the ones that are going to help you decide, do I really want to go into this? I mean, I think this train is really going to help you understand what type of coach you could be, and maybe give you some ideas of how to set up your coaching business so you have that foundation and then if you want to learn more about her mastermind, everything else, I’m sure you can gain access through all of those and also her website as well. So Fabienne, I want to ask you one final question to finish off the interview here. So if you could leave us with one final parting piece of guidance. So like the one last piece, let’s just say you were about to die. What was the last thing that you would tell people about being a coach? 

Fabienne: I say I would, I would quote Maya Angelou and I would say that people will forget what you say. People forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. And so if you really care about how you connect with other human beings on this planet, then your spirit will live forever even if you die. 

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