About Josh Tapp

How An Awkward Boy From Idaho Became A Top 50 Podcaster

About Josh Tapp

How An Awkward Boy From Idaho Became A Top 50 Podcaster


The Surprising Journey From Unknown To Industry Titan

It’s Sep 13th 2018. I’m fresh out of college having graduated into full-time entrepreneurship and I’m a recently married man. Life couldn’t be better! My marriage was bliss, and I was the founder of a growing business. I was becoming accustomed to the constant praise of my family and friends about my risk tolerance and ability to grow a successful business.

Unfortunately what nobody knew (even my wife) was that I was experienceing the worst anxiety I had ever experienced…the never ending roller coaster of begging for new clients, landing new accounts and feeling like life was about to take a turn for the better, only to have more clients cancel our services that same month.


On this particular day, I was scrambling to find just one more client so I could pay myself enough to cover the bills for my small family…then came an unexpected call from our biggest client:

“Josh, you and your team have been crushing it, but we found another company we think can take us to the next level in marketing. So we are going to have to cancel our service with you.”

My stomach hit the floor. In just under 1 month we had lost 70% of our business. How was I going to tell my wife that I wasn’t going to be able to provide for us that month?

I had a choice to make in that moment…either throw in the towel and find a job, or make some serious changes to my process. After a three-day “pity party” I made my decision. I was going to double down, find a mentor, and do everything they told me. I mean what did I have to lose? If it failed I would just go get a job three months later and be in just a little more debt. Why not?!

So I made the biggest investment of my life and hired a mentor to teach me how to get off the marketing roller coaster and create a true and lasting business. In our first coaching call, after hearing my story and my desires he told me something that I will never forget:

“Josh, you need to close the doors of your business and start over. You need to find an audience of people, ask them what they want, and then give it to them.”

This advice shook me to my core! I knew that my coach knew what he was talking about so I took the leap and decided to build my audience by starting a podcast. I shot for the stars and asked a multi-millionnaire to come on my show, not expecting him to come. I sat there staring at the LinkedIn message wondering why I had just sent it. What did a poor kid from Idaho have to offer to such a successful businessman? Then just as I went to close the message, it happened. three dots appeared at the bottom of the message…and the response came:

“Josh, this sounds AMAZING let’s do it!”

I almost fell out of my chair! He actually wanted to meet with me?! One week later we had our interview, and on that same day we signed my first ever 5-figure coaching contract. I was IN!

Fast forward three years, I’ve interviewed over 750 of the world’s most successful people, from professional athletes to Billion dollar business owners, and I asked them all one thing…if you had to start a new company from scratch, what type of business would you build and what is the exact framework you would use to build a thriving 7-figure brand?

I compared my findings from these interviews and applied everything I could to build my own personal brand, and to those of my clients, to ultimately build a program that modeled the exact methods taught by these amazing entrepreneurs I interviewed… and I call it The Pantheon Method!

Today I’ve shared The Pantheon Method on stages, both physical and virtual, to over 2,000,000 people, and I’ve helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs to scale their brands through high ticket podcasting.

If you want to see the EXACT method I learned from these incredible entrepreneurial TITANS, I’ve got a free training outlining this entire method for free!

Just click the button below and it will take you straight to the training. No opt-ins. No strings attached. No BS.

Go watch the training and I’lll see you in The Pantheon!

Josh Tapp

Itunes Top 50 Podcaster

JOSH TAPP is the host of the Apple Itunes Top 50 Marketing Podcast The Lucky Titan.

He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance business coach, and keynote speaker.

Having interviewed and shared the stage with over 500 of the world’s top entrepreneurs, Josh created The Pantheon method as a simple roadmap for any entrepreneur to build a thriving personal brand.

He believes that entrepreneurship is the remedy to nearly every issue in this world, and spends his time promoting entrepreneurship across the globe.

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